As of late 2018, I’m working on something new in consumer mobile. I’m no longer taking clients, but you can read about my past work below!

At Consumer Mobile Insights, I help innovators deeply understand the psychology of their users. I help my clients solve issues like:

  • How do we increase engagement and retention?

  • How do we design a simple and effective Day One Experience for new users?

  • How do we convert users to purchasing and revenue?

Your quantitative metrics tell you what is happening, my qualitative insights tell you why.  


Services & past projects

My goal is to deliver proprietary, mission-critical insights to help you make the important decisions that all products face: how do we improve the key metrics, how do we describe our product, and how do we grow? How I achieve this goal is very dependent on the type of client: are you a lean startup, a large tech company, or something unique like a VC firm? I tailor each project for every client, but the work will likely take the form of some combination of the services below.

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User Research - I’ve become well-known for the depth and detail of the user research I conduct for my clients. I love sitting 1-1 with your users and really diving deep to understand their motivations, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As part of each interview, I video record the user and their screen, type up long notes combining a transcript with my specific insights on each moment, and make it easily digestible for your entire team to learn from.

Ex: Snapchat - Snapchat is a current client, and I can’t reveal many details about my work there. At a high level, I’m working with their product teams to uncover qualitative user research insights from users aged 13-30.

Competitive Market Analysis - Once clients have seen the value of my user research and behavior design work for their own products, they often want me to complete the same work for their competitors. There is always something you can learn about what competing products are doing right, and doing wrong.

Ex: Trinity Ventures - Trinity Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley. I conducted a competitive analysis on the user experiences of five leading e-commerce companies, and presented the insights and product design recommendations to the entire investing team.  I also conducted a user research project to uncover insights on the current environment of American teen usage of mobile phones.

Product Ideation - Once I’ve identified compelling insights with the services above, I will also deliver specific, actionable product recommendations meant to solve your key issues: improving metrics, nailing messaging, and driving growth.

Ex: NBC News - A year before the 2016 US Presidential election, a Senior VP at NBC News reached out for a fun innovation project on how to engage millennial audiences. My partner and I brainstormed and designed 30 mobile app ideas targeting the intersection of millennials, video, and politics.  We presented our work to the executive team, including the Executive Chairman, President, and SVPs, in New York City.

“The Works” - The best projects are ones where I partner closely with the product leaders to work on all of the above services.

Ex: Zenly - Zenly is a social location-sharing app. I started working with the founders of Zenly in late 2015 when they had only raised a small seed round.  Since then, Zenly went on to raise over $33M in funding from top investors like Peter Fenton at Benchmark, and then became Snapchat’s largest acquisition ever in Summer 2017. I serve as a Product Advisor to the founding team and CEO, Antoine Martin (no relation). I advise and complete special projects across a range of product issues: in-depth user research with American teens on Zenly and competing products, behavior design work to help optimize the key engagement and growth metrics, and bringing it all together with actionable product recommendations.

About Andrew

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I’ve advised the executive teams at Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, venture capital funds, and nonprofit foundations. I’ve also worked across a range of verticals: edtech, digital health, media, social, location-based services, SaaS, productivity, and hardware.

Some of my current and past clients include: Snapchat, NBC News, Zenly, The U.S. Fund at UNICEF, StarOfService, WeMoms, CK-12 Foundation,, Brandtrust, Pereira & O’Dell, and Curriculum Associates. I have an MBA, and a Bachelor of Science in Interaction Design, from Stanford University.

You can visit my personal website, follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn, or contact me below. Thanks!